The McMaster Midwifery Education Program

Our program provides solid academic background and understanding of the principles of midwifery care as well as the opportunity to integrate this learning in the clinical setting, providing the basis for excellence in clinical practice. We work closely with practising midwives and other maternity care providers to ensure a high quality environment for students while fostering critical thinking in the academic setting that will extend into the practice setting and form the basis for sound professional practice.


The Program

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“The McMaster Education Program continues to graduate students who enter the workforce with a diversity of backgrounds and a thorough medical, clinical, socio-economic, and research background, many of whom are change-makers in their fields. As I start my career as a registered midwife I am honoured to be a member of the McMaster University Midwifery Education Program’s graduating class of 2016. “

~ Caitlin (CJ) Blennerhassett, Graduating Class of 2016

Midwifery wasn’t always my dream career. To be honest, growing up in Nova Scotia, I didn’t even know that was an option. It wasn’t until I was well into my master’s degree that I was introduced to the idea of being a midwife. With the profession deeply rooted in feminism, advocacy, and client-centered care, I knew this was something that I wanted to pursue. Choosing which school to apply to wasn’t a hard choice. McMaster’s nationwide reputation in health sciences and Hamilton’s medium-sized city and full-sized heart are what made this school the top choice for me. Now graduated and working in a busy Vancouver practice, I look back at my time at McMaster and acknowledge how privileged I was in my student experience. My classmates, now fellow colleagues, have been the backbone of this amazing experience and together we have helped each other become exceptional health care providers. The McMaster Midwifery Education Program continues to be a part of preparing students to become amazing midwives that have made global impacts in the field of maternity care, whether in practice, leadership, or research. I am honoured to be a part of this cohort and know that my time at McMaster has only benefited me in my transition from student to registered midwife.

~ Jennifer Nguyen, RM, MSc
McMaster University Class of 2016
Recipient of the 2016 Murray and Eleanor Enkin Midwifery Award