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Murray and Eleanor Enkin Midwifery Award

Dr. Murray and Eleanor Enkin have provided outstanding support to the midwifery profession for many years. Their legacy of support extends to midwifery students at McMaster University. They have established this award for a midwifery student to reflect their belief in the importance of midwifery within Canadian maternity care.


The annual award will be conferred at the time of graduation upon a midwifery student who exemplifies superior achievement in the humanitarian, professional and academic domains of midwifery practice.

Eligibility Criteria

Midwifery students in good academic standing who are in their final year of the study in the Midwifery Education Program at McMaster University will be eligible for nomination for the award.

Nomination Process

Nominations of students who are in their final year of study will be sought for the award from faculty, tutors and the clinical preceptors. Letters of nomination will be due by the first Friday in March. The letter of nomination will include the nominee’s achievements in the humanitarian and professional domains of midwifery practice.

Selection Process

The selection process will be carried out by a panel that will include the Assistant Dean (or designate) Midwifery, at least one other midwifery professor, at least one midwifery preceptor, and at least one member of the Faculty of Health Sciences who is familiar with midwifery students and participates in maternity care. The panel will review the letters of nomination and the academic record of nominees’; and may conduct interviews with selected nominees and individuals familiar with the nominees’ academic and clinical work.

The panel will select the nominee who exemplifies superior achievement in the humanitarian, professional and academic domains of midwifery practice. The panel may, in any given year, waive the award if no nominee is deemed suitable.

Excellence in Midwifery Student Leadership Scholarship


Established in 2020 by members of the midwifery community. To be awarded to an undergraduate student enrolled in the Midwifery Education Program who identifies as Indigenous or racialized, attains high averages, and demonstrates excellence in one of three areas: 1. exemplary client care, 2. innovative community outreach, or 3. exceptional engagement in campus life. Student may only receive this award once.


For a little more information about the scholarship and its creation:

We intentionally chose to create a scholarship because we have a longterm vision of there being more racialized midwives in faculty positions and other leadership positions within the profession. Utilizing a scholarship platform, versus a bursary, unlocks the potential to offer not only financial relief but also to help build the recipient’s CV which in turn opens future opportunities should they want to attend graduate school, conduct research, or apply for a job or leadership role.

Academic achievement is a component of the university’s criteria for any scholarship, but we have intentionally not set a specific cut point for grades for eligibility for this scholarship in order to encourage students to apply.  The scholarship will not be awarded on the basis of who has the highest marks rather,  selection  will be weighed more heavily on the other criteria for the award, i.e., outstanding student involvement in client care, student leadership, or community engagement, and the letter of support from a peer, preceptor or community member. The criteria for the scholarship were developed with input from people who are racialized and reviewed by our Equity and Inclusion Office at McMaster.

The selection committee for the scholarship will be comprised of three members, all of whom are racialized. The selection committee will include two university faculty or staff members, and one community midwife.





How to Apply:

A call will be sent to current students for applications every year, pending availability of funds.


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The Midwifery Research Studentship

To encourage and develop midwifery research capacity, the McMaster Midwifery Education Program (MEP) offers 1-2 paid summer research studentships (pending availability of funds) at McMaster University to Level 1 and/or Level 2 McMaster MEP students. The McMaster Midwifery Research Studentship is normally completed over the Summer term. Successful candidates benefit from the opportunity to be mentored by MEP faculty on their specific project, to participate in weekly McMaster Midwifery Research Centre (MMRC) meetings, and to acquire research skills and experience for building careers as midwifery researchers. Students are expected to deliver a report to their assigned supervisor at the completion of their project and ideally will have the opportunity to be involved in the preparation of a manuscript to be submitted for publication.  Students may also be invited to present their papers at MEP or MMRC events or other conferences.



How to Apply:

A call will be sent to current students for applications every year, pending availability of funds.

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