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Contact Forms

Anonymous Feedback Form

The McMaster Midwifery Education Program (MEP) encourages students with constructive feedback to share this openly with the MEP whenever possible. If you are not comfortable sharing feedback directly with the MEP, we encourage you to share your feedback using this anonymous form.

Concern Report

The MEP would like to be notified if there is any form of bullying, discrimination or racism occurring in-class or during placements. Therefore, this form is meant to capture any grievances students may have during their time in the Midwifery Education Program. The information shared in the document will be sent directly to Dr. Liz Darling to be reviewed and acted upon on an individual basis.


Emergency Information

Campus Emergencies

For latest information on emergency protocols at McMaster University and emergency contact numbers; please visit the security services website regularly.

McMaster Emergency Guidebook

The McMaster Emergency Guidebook is a clear, concise, and up-to-date safety resource to help prepare for and deal with emergencies. The guidebook provides key emergency contacts and services on campus for various kinds of incidents including harassment, violence, and sexual assault.

Sexual Violence and Harassment

Sexual Violence Support

McMaster University is committed to taking action to prevent and respond to all forms of sexual and gender-based violence. If you have experienced any form of sexual violence and want to get or give support you can connect with the sexual violence support team on campus.

You can find McMaster's sexual violence response protocol at this link.

Harassment Prevention

McMaster University is committed to fostering a respectful and inclusive organizational culture in which all members of the University community work, study and live free of discrimination and harassment. If you want to raise a concern or complaint, provide assistance or learn more, please visit the Prevention & Response page.

Equity and Inclusion

Women and Gender Equity Network

WGEN is the MSU Women & Gender Equity Network, a peer support driven service that caters to women, trans folk, people who identify outside the gender binary, gender non-conforming folk and all survivors of sexual and gender based violence from all gender identities. 

Pride Community Centre

PCC is a student-run service provided by the MSU that aims to challenge oppressive social attitudes and norms, patriarchy, homo/trans/bi/lesbophobia, and the like, at the systemic level.

Equity and Inclusion Office

The Equity and Inclusion Office (EIO) works closely with staff, students and faculty members to advance equity and inclusion by promoting an environment of respect, safety, collegiality and openness.

BIPOC Student Mentorship Program

Ryerson MEP launched a BIPOC student mentorship program for self-identified students who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour (BIPOC). This is an opportunity for BIPOC midwives to pair, share and care with this next generation of BIPOC students. The mentorship program is open to any midwife and any student residing and working in Canada (regardless of the site of their MEP).

CAM Queer Mentorship Program

The Canadian Caucus of Queer and Trans Midwives hosts a queer mentorship program to support student midwives in Canada. Primarily this will work as an online/phone mentorship program with each mentor‑mentee pair deciding how and how often they will interact (as frequent as they like, at least once per month). We are available to support with problem solving and guidance! All contact information will remain private among program organizers and the mentor‑mentee pairs.

Student Wellness and Accommodations

Student Wellness Centre

The Student Wellness Centre is the place on campus to address your wellness needs. They provide a range of counselling options, medical services and wellness programs so that you can get the most out of your McMaster experience, academically and personally.

Student Acccessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides academic accommodation assistance and related supports to students with disabilities at McMaster. SAS is available to assist students transitioning from high school, other post secondary institutions, undergraduate, continuing and graduate students.

The Okanagan Charter at McMaster

The Okanagan Charter is an International Charter for Health Promoting Universities & Colleges. The purpose of the Okanagan Charter is to provide guidance and inspiration by providing a framework to promote the importance of health and well-being on higher education institutions. This website is a resource for all McMaster students, faculty, staff and the community to help locate existing resources, programs, research and educational opportunities in health and well-being.

Midwifery Documents

Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act (AODA)


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