We are pleased that you are considering Midwifery Education at McMaster University.

All applicants except, current Mcmaster University students*, must apply through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) website. http://www.ouac.on.ca/.

* Current McMaster University students – who are not due to graduate in 2018 – please pick up your internal application form at the Midwifery Program Office – MDCL 2210 or email midwifery_admissions@mcmaster.ca for a copy.

Returning McMaster Students – http://future.mcmaster.ca/admission/process/returning/

Supplementary Application: McMaster Midwifery Program no longer has a supplementary application.

Changes to Placement Allocations

Effective: March 17, 2015

The MEP has restructured the allocation of midwifery clinical placements for midwifery students cross the three program sites. Until now, midwifery clinical placements have been centrally coordinated. Going forward, midwifery clinical placements will be coordinated locally by each of the three program sites. Each midwifery practice group has been assigned to one of the three universities as a placement site and students will now be placed with practices affiliated with their specific university. The McMaster student placement area spans from Oakville to Windsor and Guelph to Niagara Falls.

Ontario Midwifery Education Program: Essential Standards for Admission, Promotion and Graduation

Midwifery education requires that the accumulation of scientific knowledge be accompanied by the simultaneous development of specific skills and other competencies. Our academic standards and standards for capacity are found in the following document:

Ontario Midwifery Education Program: Essential Standards for Admission, Promotion, and Graduation