Saadia Israr Program Manager

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Saadia Israr, currently working as the Program Manager for the Midwifery Education Program, has led a focused and passionate career in the healthcare and health services sector. Starting out by completing a Bachelors of Sciences in Life Sciences, with a specialization in Comparative Physiology, she knew she wanted to continue her career in the health sciences. Upon graduation, she spent one year working as a research associate in Cancer Care Ontario before deciding to return to complete a Masters in Management of Innovation at the University of Toronto. Combining the skill sets she’d acquired from her two educational degrees, she began work at McMaster in 2010 for a research, education, and mentorship program in oncology advanced practice nursing. It was here that she spent six years working on researching ways to support the effective use of oncology advance practice nurses. Having now shifted to the Midwifery Education Program, Saadia hopes to enhance midwifery student experience with the program and to work with midwifery leaders and champions on expanding the role of midwives in practice, education, and research.