The Midwifery Education Program has a limited number of placements and the admission process is very competitive. The admission requirements stated are minimum requirements. Preference will be given to applicants with the best qualifications. The actual standing required for admission in recent years has been between 86-90%. The program has a two-step selection procedure:

Review of applications for completeness and to determine academic eligibility.

Applicants must be successful at stage one to be considered for stage two.

80 applicants will be invited to Hamilton for an interview. The interview process will consist of ten, ten-minute interviews. The interviews typically takes place on a Saturday at the end of April, but this is subject to change. Candidates must attend on the date specified and at the time specified.

-Offers of admission will be made following the interview process, and are based on the results from stage 2.

-Offers based on interim grades will be conditional upon maintaining satisfactory performance on final grades.

-Applications are not held over from one year to another; if an applicant is selected for admission, they cannot defer this to a future year and will be asked to reapply.

If an unsuccessful applicant or an applicant that refuses their offer of admission wishes to reapply to the Midwifery Education Program, a new application, including transcripts and supplementary materials must be submitted.

If you are interested in applying to the Midwifery Education Program at McMaster and have any outstanding questions, please email the Admissions Coordinator at